How to download videos from Facebook?

    You may wonder sometimes how you can download the video from Facebook. Because Facebook doesn’t allow its users to download or save the video right from the app. If anyone wants to share the video from Facebook, they copy the link of the video and share it on any device or anywhere else. But sometimes, the video owner deletes the video and the link the person copied gets automatically deleted.

    Moreover, sometimes you see informational videos on Facebook and want them to download but couldn’t. Because you have no idea how to do it. There are many tools and apps on the google play store and google search engine that lets you download Facebook video. However, if you have no idea which tool or app is good and how to use it. Let us tell you that.

    Let us clear to you that installing the apps takes so much time and needs space on your device. Therefore, we brought the best tool that can download the video from Facebook in just seconds. This Fb video downloader lets you download the video smoothly without any hassle. You just need a strong internet connection to use this free Facebook downloader.

    Use FB video downloader

    Fb downloader is an online tool that allows its user to download Facebook videos for free. This is the best online tool that has all features that a downloader should have. Anyone can easily use these tools as this tool has a user-friendly interface. You can download feeds video, live videos, video statuses etc. moreover, you can download unlimited videos at a time for free. The process of downloading the video is easy and quick.

    Easy process to download a Facebook video

    The process of downloading the Facebook video from a free FB video downloader is quite easy. Anyone can easily use it, especially beginners who have no idea of using advanced apps or tools that have complex procedures to download the video. 

    Here you go with the best FB video downloader:

    1. Copy the video link

    • Open your Facebook app
    • Look for the video that you need to download
    • Tap on the upper right three-dot icon
    • Copy the link to that video

    2. Download the video on your device

    • Open your browser
    • Visit the Fb video downloader.
    • Paste the link to the video that you copied from Facebook
    • Hit the GO button
    • Wait for the device to download your video.
    • When your device downloads the video, it will show a notification.
    • Open the downloaded video to enjoy.
    • You can share, save, or do whatever you want.

    The method of downloading the Facebook video is straightforward. You do not need to waste your time looking for ways to use this tool. When you open the tool, everything will be in front of you. No need to scroll up or scroll down to find the buttons. Use this free service which demands no charges and is easy to use.

    Its interface is user-friendly, so beginners can especially use it. Fb video downloader has made it easier for everyone to download the video from Facebook. You do not need to leave your browser. Just open another browser and use it.

    Download unlimited videos

    Do you wish to download Facebook videos to watch them later when you don’t have an internet connection? Here is the best app that you can use to bring your imaginations into reality. With this FB video downloader, you can download and save the videos to your device and watch them later. Not only this, you can download as much as you want. There are no limitations in downloading the videos on Facebook video downloader. You can download free unlimited videos of your own choice.

    Download the live stream video

    Sometimes it happens when you want to see your fav person’s live video and you miss it. Or, you miss an informational live video, or the video could be about anything but important for you. and you miss it. You feel bad because you cannot watch it again. But now, we made it possible by introducing you to this free FB downloader. With this, you can download the live streaming videos from Facebook to your device. In this way, you can watch it later without having an internet connection.

    High-quality results

    Unlike other free tools that spoil the video quality, these tools keep the video quality in its original form. You do not have to worry about video quality by using this free tool. Whether the video is of low quality, when you download the video from this tool, it will increase the quality. So, you can enjoy the best quality videos from free Facebook downloaders.

    You can download full HD or 4K videos from Facebook by using this Fb video downloader.

    Work on all devices

    The service of this Fb video downloader is not limited to just windows, you can use it on your mobile, laptops,iPhone etc. This tool works on all common OS devices. So, you do not need to worry about it.